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Specialists in fresh pasta, gnocchi and sauces since 1986.
Our Grand Italian Tuscan Finest filled pastas and sauces are available now at Woolworths nationwide.

Grand Italian Tuscan Finest
Pasta, Sauces and Pan Fry Gnocchi

Restaurant Quality at Home

Grand Italian Tuscan Finest range of premium fresh pastas, sauces and pan fry gnocchi (at Woolworths) are inspired by the beautiful ingredients and food of Tuscany. The premium pasta range is made with delicate thinner pasta and flavoursome fillings, along with our rich pasta sauces to bring you restaurant quality that can be enjoyed and conveniently prepared at home in minutes. They are made with the finest quality ingredients such as Australian durum wheat semolina, premium Australian Angus beef, delicious cheeses and free-range eggs. Our premium pan fry gnocchi are made with real potato and infused with flavour throughout, to bring you a delicious taste experience with every bite!
  • Restaurant quality at home

  • Fresh premium ingredients

  • Convenient: ready in minutes

  • Traditional recipes


Grand Italian Gnocchi

Our Grand Italian range of gnocchi are specially made with steamed fresh potato to create fluffy pillows of delicious goodness! Gnocchi are so versatile they can be cooked and plated in many ways. Stir through your favourite sauce, mix in a pasta salad or simply pan fry.

You can contact us below if you would like to discuss other flavour varieties. We have several options ready to go if you’re interested.

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